This page highlights some of the key emergency veterinary hospitals in Palm Beach County. Most of the listings below offer 24 hour a day 7 days a week medical care. Throughout the county there are numerous smaller veterinary clinics and hospitals that offer daytime services and procedures. For a local veterinary recommendations, please speak with your SipKlein agent for the best vet nearest your residence. Bookmark this page to find emergency animal hospitals, for when the unexpected happens.

  • Calusa Veterinary Center

    Calusa Veterinary Center operates a full service medical hospital with a 24-7 emergency room. Calusa has great reviews and is located on Clint Moore and Congress Ave in Boca Raton, just below Delray. Address: 6900 Congress Ave, Boca Raton  Tel: 561-999-3000 Additional Info: Calusa Veterinary Center… Read More

  • Atlantic Animal Hospital

    The Atlantic Animal Hospital in Delray Beach offers 24-7 emergency services, but does not operate an emergency room. They will help you over the phone and guide you accordingly or come to your residence.   Address: 1950 West Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach  Tel: 561-272-1552 Address: 10160 La Reina Rd, Delray Beach     Tel: 561-272-1552 Additional Info: Atlantic Animal Hospital… Read More

  • Island Animal Hospital

    Island Animal Hospital is located in downtown Palm Beach, one block north of Royal Poinciana way. Island Animal Hospital has a great reputation, but is available for day time emergencies only. Address: 262 Sunset Ave, Palm Beach   Tel: 561-833-8552 Additional Info: Island Animal Hospital… Read More

  • Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists

    The Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists motto; “The Science of Compassion. The Technology for Hope.” This is a 24 hours a day 7 days a week facility with cutting edge technology and top specialists. Address: 3884 Forest Hill Blvd, West Palm Beach   Tel: 561-434-5700 Additional Info: Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists… Read More

  • Palms West Veterinary Hospital

    Palms West Veterinary Hospital is out west just above Wellington. If you are in Wellington or passing through the area, this facility offers 24 hour a day emergency care, 7 days a week. Address: 556 Folsom Rd, Loxatchee   Tel: 561-798-3300 Additional info: Palms West Veterinary Hospital… Read More

  • Pet Emergency and Referral Center

    The Pet Emergency Center is open 24 Hours a day 7 days a week making it a reliable emergency pet care facility if you need medical help in the area. Address: 3579 Northlake Blvd, Palm Beach Gardens  Tel: 561-691-9999 Additional Info: Pet Emergency & Referral Center… Read More

  • VSH Palm Beach

    Veterinary Specialty Hospital of Palm Beach is a specialty and emergency veterinary medicine facility located in Palm Beach Gardens. They are open 24 Hours a day 7 days a week. Address: 4019 Hood Rd, Palm Beach Gardens    Tel: 561-625-9995 Additional Info: Veterinary Specialty Hospital of Palm Beach Gardens… Read More

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