Late Century Design (1966-1999)

The Late-Century Design period of 1966 – 1999, also known as the postmodernism period, began with a 1970’s version of modern design, but using a wider color pallet and more vibrant interior design choices than what was previously popular in the more industrial or technological style of the mid 50’s and early 1960’s. While postmodernism was the leading style of the mid-century, the Palm Beaches also continued to see classic design styles used throughout, notably in custom built mansions.

Enter the 1980’s and 1990’s and we saw the in-uniformity of the new postmodern design period with irregular shaped homes – a dramatic contrast to the sleek and singular form of the mid-century modern home. What can also be seen is a rise in demand for larger homes, as the suburban luxury markets exploded in popularity with expansive mansion style homes in gated communities with country club amenities.

Palm Beach County homes built in the late 20th century tend to be much larger and more luxurious than typical homes of before. A resurgence in Mediterranean and Venetian style homes made a big comeback going into the end of the last century, as demand moved away from the odd and irregular design style of the postmodern era. Today most buyers think of postmodern homes as being ugly and asymmetrical, but soon we will see a resurgence in demand for these homes as well.

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