Mid Century Design (1934–1965)

Mid-Century Modern designed structures are best known for the clean lines and less ornamental style of architecture. With less of the flashiness of Art-Deco design, the new modern period was more concerned with utility and function.  Mid-Century architecture was purposefully understated yet influenced significantly by the technologies of the post war period.

After the war, American experienced huge demand for housing and the greater Palm Beach area saw one of the greatest booms. To keep up with demand developers produced high volume homes with simple modern design. Many of the condo buildings that line the Palm Beaches were also built during this period using similar modern design styles.

Many Mid-Century Palm Beach County homes have a classic, clean simple design. Finding mid-century homes that still have all the original features is rare due to the passing hurricanes which have caused widespread damage to roofs and other structures of this time period. Many mid-century structures face demolition as new generations look to tear down in prime locations to make room for larger homes. Preservation of classic mid-century structures rather than tear down has seen an increase in popularity.

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