New Millennium (2000-Present)

New Millennium homes are larger and more luxurious than ever. Now homes are wired with smart technologies and modern amenities that coincide with the new era of digitally based technologies. New homes are available in every design imaginable, from past design styles like Georgian or Gothic Venetian to sleek ultra-modern Eco-friendly homes.

In-Town Living has become increasingly popular in the new millennium with the revitalization movement of historic downtown areas and new multi-zoned developments that combine the new style of living, working, shopping and recreating all within the same neighborhood.

The new or contemporary style of today’s design period is an eclectic mix of various design styles from over the past 100 years. More recently designs have shifted from the Mediterranean and Mizner revival to the more modern designs reminiscent of the mid-century period homes that are based on straight lines and technologies built into the homes.

Newly built homes regardless of architectural design style can be built to withstand category 5 hurricanes and be more environmentally efficient than past construction periods. Based on design and lifestyle preferences buyers can preserve, remodel or build new.

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