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The content below are direct excerpts from the schools website. We have done this to Best share the mission and philosophy of this great academic institution. For more information please visit the schools website or contact your SipKlein agent who can make arrangements for you to have a private tour of the school.



“Visit our Yeshiva on any given day and you’ll feel the difference — there is a buzz, a hum, and an energy that is palpable. In this dynamic environment, there is no such thing as student apathy. Children find their own comfort level in our supportive and nurturing environment that promotes the highest academic standard in both Judaic and Secular studies.

The sense of our Yeshiva as a second home extends beyond books and classrooms. Our Rabbis and teachers are not just educators; they serve as role models for a life-long commitment to Torah learning and midos tovos. They combine their enthusiasm with their ability to touch the minds and hearts of their students, creating an open environment for the learning and understanding of Torah and its system of Jewish values.

Our promise is to emphasize the highest standards of menschlichkeit, reflecting moral sensitivity, personal refinement and human decency. Recognizing that each child is unique, we provide the individual attention that leads to success and that builds self esteem. Our students thrive in a warm and inclusive atmosphere where the administration, faculty and parents work together as a team to help each student reach their own personal, spiritual and intellectual potential.

Torah Academy’s Chessed program serves as a bridge between students and the community. Co-curricular and extracurricular activities and frequent guest speakers lend new dimension to our students’ understanding of the world that surrounds them.

At Torah Academy, we build on children’s strengths. We nurture their passions. We kiss away their tears and applaud their successes. When they leave us, our students will have learned the richness and intricate beauty of Torah, and they will be prepared to carry on the full splendor and precious legacy of Judaism.”


Address:  3881 NW 3rd Ave, Boca Raton, FL

Contact: 561-465-2200


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