Palm Beach Day Academy

Private Schools: Palm Beach, FL

The content below are direct excerpts from the schools website. We have done this to Best share the mission and philosophy of this great academic institution. For more information please visit the schools website or contact your SipKlein agent who can make arrangements for you to have a private tour of the school.


Mission Statement

“The foundation of Palm Beach Day Academy’s program is the education of our students in an academically challenging and compassion rich environment that guides each child toward personal excellence of mind, body and character.  At all levels, our students will be –

Challenged to Excel
Empowered to Act
Prepared to Lead”


“Portrait of a PBDA Graduate

 Our graduates are empowered to fulfill their individual potentials in their immediate school futures and beyond. They are prepared for acceptance and success at appropriate, excellent secondary schools.  As they move on, they will take with them the richness of our school family.

They will have: 

– been inspired by an environment of thoughtful excellence, humble respect,  mutual care and support, and the highest expectations. 

– learned the value of focused thinking and sustained effort. 

– developed keen minds, capable of complex thought leading to articulate self-expression. 

– learned to respect all opponents, in victory or defeat.

– developed genuine compassion.

– gained an understanding of their responsibility for the health of our planet.

– developed an understanding of their self-worth and their role in a changing world. 

 Mostly, they will have gained a powerful, enduring confidence that can only belong to those who have met genuine challenges through their own efforts in a supportive community.  It is a confidence that allows our graduates to meet future challenges, to persevere past setbacks and obstacles, to know their own minds yet allow for differing viewpoints, to adapt to changing circumstances, to be thoughtful, generous and kind, and to choose their own paths to meaningful lives.”


Address:  1901 S Flagler Dr, West Palm Beach, FL

Contact: 561-832-8815


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