Gulf Stream School

Private Schools: Delray Beach, FL 

The content below are direct excerpts from the schools website. We have done this to Best share the mission and philosophy of this great academic institution. For more information please visit the schools website or contact your SipKlein agent who can make arrangements for you to have a private tour of the school.


Gulf Stream School Mission Statement

 “Gulf Stream School empowers students to succeed, inspires intellectual curiosity, and celebrates both effort and accomplishment. The School is distinguished by a sense of family, small size, and respect for its heritage.”


Gulf Stream School Values

 “Academic Vigor – Gulf Stream School actively engages students and faculty in a challenging educational experience that fosters the skills, habits, and passion for lifelong learning.


 Character – The Gulf Stream School experience develops moral courage, integrity, kindness, empathy, responsibility, courtesy, and respect for different backgrounds, talents, and interests.


Participation – Gulf Stream School requires its students to participate in every aspect of school life, encouraging them to learn more about themselves and others, while preparing them for purposeful involvement in the local and global communities.”


Address:  3600 Gulf Stream Rd, Delray Beach, FL

Contact: 561-276-5225


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